For Busy Entrepreneurs Who Want to Become Best-Selling Authors
8-Week Action Plan
Write, Publish, & Market a Best-Selling Business Book
WITHOUT Stress, Overwhelm, or Wasting Time
What is it?
  •  Calendar: Exactly what to do day-by-day to write, publish, and market your book.
  •  Checklist: Move quickly through the tasks needed for success. No stress or headaches.
  •  Marketing Plan: Tactics to promote your book before, during, & after launch!
Blurred to hide the sweet, sweet contents! :)
It's a Calendar, Checklist, & Marketing Plan all-in-1!
• No time? Publish a best-seller in as little as 8 weeks, part-time.
I show you exactly what to do day by day - as efficiently as possible without compromising book quality.

• No clarity? Stop procrastinating and start DOING! 
Forgot wasting months or years in Google, Quora, YouTube, & Amazon. I give you well-tested step-by-steps to write, publish, market, & launch your book.

• No email list or ad budget? No worries.
I give you tactics to promote your book before, during, & after you can hit best-seller and reap the rewards like more authority, media, and sales.
Grab this all-in-one plan to write, publish, and hit best-seller with a book for your business niche now, and I'll add in 2 BONUS WEEKS with additional ways to promote the book and get it from Kindle to print, audiobook, and more!

Your ACTION PLAN is Editable & Customizable.
I'll throw in a week-by-week simplified and more elegant checklist of the 8-week plan + 2 bonus weeks.

It also shows you where to get more help at each stage of the book writing process!

This 11-page PDF is included (new!).


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