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This is Laura (or “Ms. P” like her high school students used to call her).      
She's passionate about helping solopreneurs and companies with small or large teams stand out in your industry by becoming... Amazon Best-Selling Authors in order to:

✅ Establish authority in your niche
✅ Attract more attention     
✅ Earn more revenue
Without prior experience Laura wrote her FIRST book. She was under a VERY tight deadline (30 days), but focused on the positives and 30 days later...

Laura self-published Copywriting for Podcasters: How to Grow Your Podcast, Brand, and Business with Compelling Copy and hit #1 Amazon Best-Seller (11/28/16) in one category in the U.S. and one in Canada. 

No ad budget and no email list.
Then she coached four others to do it too! Here are some of their results...
Connor Gillivan
#1 in his first category
#1 in his second category
#1 in his third category
#1 in a category in Canada too! (international best-seller!)
Sabah Ali
#1 in her first category
#1 in her second category
#2 in her third category
Stephen Dela Cruz (and his ghost writer Casey Fox)
#1 in his first category
#2 in his second category
#2 in his second category
Nicole Zeien
#3 in her first category
#3 in her second category 
• Was later offered a book publishing deal!
Sabah Ali
Stephen Dela Cruz
Connor Gillivan
Nicole Zeien
Perfect Timing!
All of them took action once they found out they could become a Best-Selling Author. 

Yes, you can launch at anytime. But the catch is more and more people are becoming authors and it is becoming tougher and tougher in each category. Since this is the case, you need to launch the book yesterday! :)

Now let's get into how this can help you & your business. Laura's goal is to take you from sad & disappointed to happy & excited for the future!
Laura felt tired and invisible. In October of 2016, she had enough and said she would do whatever it takes to never feel like this again! 

She hated being at networking events when people would look around the room for ‘bigger’ names to jump over to while pretending to talk to Laura. 

Business cards seemed to be a complete waste of time. If you were anyone ‘of note,' people sought you out to take a selfie, invite you on their podcast, or do business with you. 

All people do is Google you and see what pops up!

She started to noticed that most all of the ‘influencers’ in these events had a book. Many even brought them along and did book signings that made people flock and fawn. 

These authors looked like celebrities because of it! 

It made Laura realize that books were the new calling card. Fans treated the book with far more reverence than a business card and the author was instantly seen in a better light. 

And those who could claim “Best-Seller” even more so.

The best part is: the book appears as one of the top links when someone searches YOUR name!

Since she entered the ranks of ‘author’ and ‘best-seller’ herself (after taking massive action the next month), Laura has seen first-hand that other peoples' eyes widen with shock and admiration when you tell them that you are a best-selling author

[It doesn’t matter that it isn’t as hard as you may think at first, if you know what to do.]

Being an author helps you stand out in your niche as the authority. Claiming the title of “best-seller” gives even more cache and credibility. 

It separates you from your competition, gets YOU on more shows, gets YOU invited on more podcasts, and gets YOU more business...

That's what YOU want, right? 
Yes! It's all about you. If you get more of your products/services to more people.....the world will be better. 

It is YOUR job as an entrepreneur, creator, or business person to contribute to the world and you can only do that by separating from the competition and helping all the people you can! 

Our job is to help as many people by elevating their status. 
Deal Only Available Here
Ben had it right. If you want to stand out from your competition, you need to do something note-worthy. 

We just think we can go a step further and take something worth reading (that you write) and make it also worth being written about! Kill both those birds with one stone -- or book!

For Laura, in late 2016, she felt stuck in the growth of her podcast production business. She felt like she always had to chase leads and haggle prices to get *any* client instead of hand-select only dream clients who wouldn’t question price because of the value they knew she could bring. 

But she couldn't figure out how to go from where she was to where she wanted to be...

It seemed that others in the space got tons of media coverage and first pick of clients while she got what was left over. No bueno!

She tried to imagine what it would look like if she were the go-to person in the podcasting and copywriting worlds!... Right up in the ranks of John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield, and Cliff Ravenscraft for podcasting and Frank Kern, Joanna Wiebe, and Jay Abraham for copywriting. 

She tried to envision what it would look like if people reached out to her to interview her on their podcasts (instead of the other way around), sought her out at networking events, and wanted to hire her for her services just because of her reputation and brand recognition as being the best.

Then it struck Laura! ---

If you want to be seen as amazing, you need to do something remarkable, something worth being interviewed about, something worth being written about, something worth the positive attention you seek.

So, she decided to stop *wishing* things were different and take MASSIVE action.

She decided to write, publish, and hit #1 Amazon best-seller for her book. It was Laura's first book. In just 30 days! Insane!

No mentor, no team to teach her how to do....all Laura. And tons of hours with Google.

She decided to stand out from the crowd with a book and a "best-seller" title. 

✍️ You can too 

Here is some proof of a few of the results:
✅ Featured in an article in Thrive Global
✅ Invited onto multiple podcast shows 
✅ Asked to join a new business venture with a mega-influencer
✅ Spoke on stage for the Podcast Cruise (lead by the founders of Podcast Movement, the largest conference for podcasters in the world)
✅ Taught a mini-lesson on podcasting to a group of bright high school students
✅ Paid to teach a seminar on podcasting to an entrepreneurial mastermind group.

💲💲💲 But we don't want all this just to feed our egos, right? :) ...we need to earn more sales and attract more clients too. 💲💲💲
For Laura, having a teaching background, she's not someone who naturally wants to be the super star celebrity. Instead, she loves connecting with people, helping, and learning. That's what fuels her!

But at the same time, if your actions don't grow your business and put more money in your pocket, you could spend your time better elsewhere. 

Laura realized through her frustration at not being seen as a leader in her fields, that a best-selling book would help her get booked on more podcasts, invited to speak on more stages, and be featured in more articles.

And it has! 
The snowball effect of this makes her feel proud, extremely confident, and more in control of her own business now being seen as a leader and not a follower!

People NOW reach out to Laura instead of Laura reaching out to them! But, to be clear, becoming a best-seller doesn't mean your phone will start ringing non-stop. You still need to put in the work -- but it does lead to more doors opening! 

It all started with the book.

And led to making more sales, booking more high-profile clients (for podcasting and copywriting), and leveling up the 'ole network -- things not happening prior.
Cool, So What?
The reason we shared this above is not to brag or preach. Rather, we wanted to show you that if you are feeling any of these...

• frustrated at not enough (traffic, leads, sales, clients, media attention, credibility)
• jealous of others getting all the 'love' online and at networking events
• embarrassed at not being as far or as successful in your business as you want to be at this point
• annoyed at the wheel spinning and 'work hard for little or no results' feeling
• discouraged at how long you've been hustling without enough to show for it
• fearful that you won't make enough to hire the help you need, buy the product or service that will make a difference, or get you in front of the right audiences for growth

...then you are just where Laura used to be. 

And getting a book out there with the "best-selling" bragging rights helped turn things around.

We're not claiming that you will make a crap-ton of money from the book sales, because you don't actually need to sell that many books to get this coveted title (at least right now), if you know the recipe for Amazon Best-Selling success (which we would love to teach you!).

But what can come as a result of the title is more than worth it!

Look at Sabah Ali...
She's still in college and hit #1 Best-Seller in two categories that lead to her being featured on the COVER of the Iowa State Daily newspaper where she attends college and landing a big internship in the summer. 
Look at Connor Gillivan... 
He hit #1 in all three of his categories (and in one in Canada too!) and is getting barraged with podcast interview invites to talk about the book and his company FreeeUp. 
The ROI is clearly there. 

Even without tons of book sales, leveraging a best-selling book to grow your brand and current business is a smart strategy.
Okay, do we learn the recipe then?
Glad you asked! Let's get you it too! 

If you've got a book idea, an outline, a rough draft, or a finished book and want to take it to the Best-Seller list, then keep reading...

For 1-on-1 personal coaching, we still help a small number of people each month because we love it and want more case studies to show off! 

But still running businesses, we cannot help everyone 1-on-1, so we keep this number low and our rate is $999 for a 4-part coaching package spread out over 30 days. [Or $299/hour for one-off calls]. 

And our team commits to helping only 3 people a month so we can give our full mental focus to these VIPers. [Email [email protected] if you want more information after buying the course].

But if you are more of a DIYer, mad respect! That's how Laura is!

For you, we have developed the...
Amazon Best-Seller Course for Entrepreneurs, Creators, and Business People
What is this?

We recorded ALL the steps to take to hit Amazon Best-Seller in a short time frame, even with no email list and no marketing budget.

When Laura did hers, she didn't email a single person (though she did leverage other things that you can too) and didn't spend any money on paid advertising. 

Yep $0.

So if you want to do either of those, your goal is even easier to attain. You've got it in the bag if you follow Laura's important steps. 

Spoiler alert...hitting #1 Amazon Best-Seller boils down to just THREE steps (aside from having a book worth reading, of course).

1. Category Selection 
2. Timing of Release + Pricing Strategy 
3. Marketing

Inside the course, we show you nitty-gritty details on each of these three important steps and more. 

But what makes this course different than other stuff out there online is two-fold...

1. Laura's ACTUALLY a teacher. (She doesn't just play one on the internet) 😄
She has a Master's in Education and extensive experience teaching and tutoring Psychology, Math, Writing, SAT Prep, and more. 

So, she knows how to explain things in great detail so you never miss a step and are never left confused or lost. But without the time-wasting fluff.

And she LOVES answering questions to fill in gaps and make things even better, so she will always be adding updates and replying to questions.

It's her thang.

Here is a snippet of a few reviews she got from teaching Psychology 101 with Rio Salado Community College.
In addition to clean, clear lessons that break down each step, we have also included actual coaching sessions from some of our private coaching clients... 

Nicole, Stephen, Sabah, and Connor? Yep! 

Why try to reinvent the wheel when you can just learn from what they did and apply it to yourself?
You get to come behind the scenes and listen to the actual questions they asked when they were in your position and the actual answer we gave them.

And any new 1-on-1 client (email for more info after you purchase the course) who agrees to have their sessions shared will be added inside to keep adding value to you. At no extra charge to you!

In the course you'll get access to every video tutorial lesson that breaks down what you need to do to get your book up on Amazon and hit the best-seller list., case study examples of others just like you that you can learn directly from.

So, if this sounds awesome, we are super excited to help you...on one condition...

Our condition: You have to publish a good book, not just crap or plagiarized material. We are not willing to help anyone who wants to cut corners and use this information to get rewards that aren't deserved.

Deal? Deal! :)
We will teach you, help you learn from examples, and support you on your journey to Amazon Best-Selling Author status!
This video will let you peek inside the course...
If you are still reading, then you're committed to earning more credibility, authority, media attention, traffic, leads, and sales from a best-selling book in your niche.

You has stylz. ;) 

Now you need abs. The Amazon Best-Seller Course, (or "ABS"...we'll help you get abs! ;)) contains step-by-step training videos, checklists, case studies, and support...

What would it be worth if your best-seller status...
• Booked you 1 extra client a month? Or 5 extra clients?
• Generated more traffic and passive sales of your products?
• Got you invited to speak on the stage of top events in your industry?
• Put you at the "peer" level with other industry top-dogs and lifted you out of the masses of 'attendees' or 'fans'?

We would say that was worth thousands of dollars. Maybe more, depending on the pricing of what you sell.

But, like Laura said, she's a teacher at heart and by training. Our goal with this course is to help MORE people and do to that, we didn't want to make it so expensive that it scared solopreneurs and entrepreneurs with smaller teams away.

Those are her homies.

And considering that we now charge over $299 per hour for private coaching (remember supply and demand -- this can be you too, if it isn't already!)... you are getting access to hours and hours of our carefully crafted training tutorials, checklists to make implementation faster and easier, and access to recorded case studies to learn from even more in-depth.

So, all this is yours right now for just $697.

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