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Make Your Competition Irrelevant
as a #1 Best-Selling Author!

P.S. No Email List, Ad Budget, or Publishing Experience Needed
I wrote my first ever book in under 30 days.
And hit #1 International Best-Seller on Amazon the day it went live...
Hi hi!  I'm Laura...@LaptopLaura! :) 
(or “Miss P” like my high school students used to call me)

Now that I checked publishing a book off my bucket list, I'm shifting my focus back to my real passion ...teaching!

(Well, that and taking advantage of all the extra perks that come with being a best-selling author ;) speaking gigs, podcast interviews, VIP party invites, joint ventures, network introductions, sales). 
copy that pops laura petersen best selling author course
It's now my goal to help other entrepreneurs of all sizes (consultants, coaches, creators, rising thought leaders, podcasters, speakers, etc.) to stand out in their industry and gain instant credibility by becoming an... 

 Amazon Best-Selling Author!!!

Let's make your competition irrelevant. I'll show you the way!
Here are just a few perks of becoming a best-selling author:
• Increased authority in your niche, instantly
 More attention and exposure for your business
• Seen the go-to expert in your industry
• More sales and clients
• More speaking gigs
• Invited on more podcast interviews
• ...and more!   

Would you like to have all these too?   
Great question! ...but the answer is "NO"! You do not have to be a nerd for writing, a teacher, or a seasoned copywriter to write a great book showing off your knowledge in your niche and hit #1 best-seller.

In fact, I've have success stories of past clients and masterclass students from college kids to CEOs! 

Lemme prove it to you...

Connor Gillivan
Founder of Portlight and CMO of FreeeUp
1st-Time Author
#1 International Amazon Best-Seller
   • Category 1: Management & Leadership > Outsourcing
   • Category 2: Industries > Consulting [both U.S. & Canada]
   • Category 3: Human Resources > Outsourcing
Connor also hit #1 Hot New Release!
Sabah Ali
College Student
1st-Time Author
#1 Amazon Best-Seller
     • Category 1: Teen & Young Adult > School & Education
     • Category 2: Teen & Young Adult > College Guides
Sabah also hit #1 Hot New Release!
Stephen Dela Cruz (and his ghost writer Casey Fox)
CEO of Stegela Success Mastery
1st-Time Author

#1 Amazon Best-Seller
     • Category: Business Life > Ethics
Stephen also hit #1 Hot New Release!
Nicole Zeien
College Student
1st-Time Author

#1 Hot New Release & #3 Best-Seller
     • Category: Parenting & Relationships > Adoption
She was also offered a book publishing deal from an international publisher!!! 
See see! :)

And there are more student success stories where these came from! [I'll share more below!] Every single person who has worked with me has hit best-seller.

It's true that I am a former teacher and life-long nerd, but my students' success stories SHOW that you can do it too! 

Being a nerd is cool, but completely optional.
Magical News for Business Peeps...
It is the golden age of self-publishing as an entrepreneur. As a content creator. As an artist. As a business owner. As a growing thought leader.

Right meow!

Here's why...

#1: "Self-publishing" is RESPECTED.
HUGE names are choosing to self-publish (like Pat Flynn, James Altucher, John Lee Dumas, and more!). 

This didn't use to be the case. 

In the past, only people who 'couldn't' get a publishing deal self-published and it was looked down upon [with a face like the man above! haha].

Now it's well-respected.

Today, thought leaders and biz gurus with giant audiences see the power of publishing themselves! They keep all their I.P. rights, get bigger royalty cuts, and can move light years FASTER than with traditional publishers.

#2: It's never been SIMPLER.
There is a lot to research and decide when it comes to publishing a book, true (that's why I'm here to help save you time, stress, and confusion!).

But you can follow my proven steps and systems to write, self-publish, market, and leverage a book...that you CAN and WILL make a best-seller...even if you don't love writing, have never done it before, or don't have a huge audience.

It's straightforward when I break it all down for you.

#3: There is still MAGIC around books.
Saying "I'm a published author" and "Yes, I wrote the best-selling book on that topic" turns heads, drops jaws, and widens eyes. 

Even though 'anyone' can publish a book, it still has fairy dust all around it and has the magical power to open doors and expand opportunities. 

Being an author (and getting a best-seller title, like I'll show you how) earns you instant credibility from family, friends, colleagues, and customers.

#4: Everyone has NOT figured it out yet. 
Most business owners are "too busy" to write and publish a book, mistakenly believe that it takes tens of thousands of sales to hit best-seller, or they just do not fully realize the massive opportunity in front of them
In fact, your competition is still spinning their wheels handing out boring business cards that get tossed, paying for banner ads that people ignore, and wishing for more publicity.

Now that you know there's a way to quickly and ethically get to the top of Amazon, even if you are a first-time author without a huge email list or marketing budget...

...Now is the time to strike!

...To pounce!

Pounce like a tiger (rawr!) on your chance to tell your story, share your experience, demonstrate your specialized expertise, and stand head and shoulders above the crowd.  
I want to talk with you more about how becoming a best-selling author can really help you and your business beyond just book sales.

Because the book royalty payments are not even the best part. 

If you have a business you love and want to grow for the long-term, then writing a best-selling book is a massive, multi-purpose marketing tool to grow your brand and business.

The benefits are instant and compounding. may be feeling overwhelmed right now. My goal in the next section is to take you from stressed and overwhelmed to feeling clear and excited to begin
Let's dive in below with my personal journey, so you can see how I discovered this magical opportunity and jumped in with both feet.

Let's go!
(Laura's Story)
I taught high school Math and Psychology for 5 years before taking the full leap into entrepreneurism. 

That was in 2011. 

Flash forward to the Fall of 2016... 
I'd been grinding and working hard for 5 years as a business owner.

But I felt stuck...

I felt burned out and invisible...

I felt frustrated and embarrassed that my podcast production business (and podcast about copywriting) wasn't growing as fast as I felt like it should be...

So, in October of that year, I decided that I had enough of 'playing small' and said I'd do whatever it took to never feel like this again! I wanted clients to come TO ME instead of feeling like I was always chasing.

I decided to dive into conferences, meet-ups, and events to improve my network.

But what I found was that people would look around the room for ‘bigger’ names to jump over to while pretending to talk to me. 

That hurt. :'(

One story that cut especially deep... I paid a lot of money (that I didn't have) to upgrade to VIP at an event because there was to be a speaker at each table at a special dinner. I thought that would be my opportunity to get valuable advice, build a relationship with a thought-leader, and really catapult my business into the stratosphere!

But the speaker at my table didn't even look up when it was my turn to share. He was too busy practically making out with his girlfriend. I was so devastated, resentful, and flustered that I didn't do a good job presenting myself and everyone else at the table started giving me advice like I was a newbie. 

I felt mortified and held back tears ("do. not. cry. in. public!" my brain was shouting!), feeling like the money I had gambled was all a waste.

This was not me.

This was not where I should be! 

Why was I 'trying so hard' to be seen as an expert? I knew my sh*t and delivered the BEST work to my clients, but I felt like a fraud in that moment. Like a nobody. 

It also seemed like business cards were a waste of time. At these big events I was going to, people had already Googled you to see what popped up or checked out the speaker roster to see who was on there. If you were seen as someone ‘of note,' they sought you out to take a selfie, invite you on their podcast, and do business with you. 

If not, you were seen as 'a needy newbie' and generally overlooked or dismissed.

I started to notice that most of the ‘influencers’ and speakers at these events had a book. Many even brought them along and did book signings that made people flock and fawn all over them. 

These authors looked like celebrities because of it! 

It made me realize that books were the new calling card. Business cards were quickly tossed in the trash. But people treated a book with reverence. They took it home and proudly displayed it on the shelf. And the author? Well, he or she was instantly seen as an expert. Someone important. 

And those who could claim “Best-Seller”? Woah, even more so!

Luckily, that fateful night of my "wasted money at the VIP dinner" did take a turn for the better that ended up changing my life and business for the better. 

After the painful dinner roundtable ended, we had a Q&A session with Lewis Howes and James Altucher. [pictured below!] 
I decided to go up the the mic (despite my then massive fear of public speaking) and ask a question to try to get something good to share on my Copy That Pops podcast. 

Maybe something would come out of this terrible evening! 

My question ended up eliciting a great response from James Altucher, who I mentioned earlier as an influencer who has self-published.

Altucher has had publishing deals with major publishers and gone it alone via Amazon. He's earned millions of dollars and started multiple super successful businesses. He also has a hugely popular podcast and hilarious blog. 

He knows what he's talking about! 

So, in his reply to me he said,
"An entrepreneur who wants to stand out and grow their business should write a book."

At that very moment he was the third person to advise writing a book in one week!

It was like the universe hit me over the head

Third time's a charm, I guess.

Right then and there I decided to take massive action and write a book, just like James advised! 

And I did it. [spoiler alert]

30 days later on 11/26/16 I had written, self-published, and marketed (without an ad budget or email list) my first book called Copywriting for Podcasters, which hit #1 best-seller in BOTH the U.S. and Canada in the category "Podcasts & Webcasts."

Now, since earning the titles of ‘author’ and ‘best-seller’ myself, I have seen first-hand that other people's eyes widen with shock and admiration when you tell them that you are a best-selling author...

By the way, it's actually not as hard as you think, at first! It's like when you go to those wine and paint night classes. Even if you aren't a great artist, the teacher shows you the right steps, in the right order, and BAM! You walk out with a gorgeous under-the-ocean turtle and mermaid painting!

Long story short, I found the (ethical) recipe for success. I learned the right steps and put them in the right order. I tested and tweaked my methods with other entrepreneurs of all experience levels to make sure it really worked.

It turns out that that VIP dinner was worth it in the end!

Being an author helps you stand out in your niche as the authority. Claiming the title of “best-seller” gives even more credibility and bragging rights.

It separates you from your competition. 
- Gets YOU on more stages. 
- Gets YOU invited on more podcasts. 
- Gets YOU more business.

That's what we want, right?
Yes! Yes!

Getting more business bragging rights isn't just about ego -- (though personally it truly helped me with internal self-confidence) -- it's about leverage to stand out from your competition and win more sales and clients.

It's just Psychology.

Because if it's between you and your competition, but YOU wrote "the book" on the subject. Who will they pick?


Sharing your knowledge in book form and hitting #1 best-seller has a direct effect on the growth of your brand and business. 

[And it wouldn't hurt to have your autographing pen on the ready! ;)]

I'll show you the way without the headache. It's easy once you know the right steps, which I teach in the Biz Book Secrets Masterclass.
Exclusive Deal for Limited Time Only
Ben had it right... 

If you want to stand out from your competition, you need to do something note-worthy. So, let's hit best-seller on Amazon with a book that attracts ideal clients into your funnel!

As you know for me, in late 2016, I felt stuck. I felt like I always had to chase leads and haggle prices to get *any* client instead of hand-select only dream clients who wouldn’t question price because of the value they knew I could bring. 

But I couldn't figure out how to go from where I was to where I wanted to be...

It seemed that others in the space got tons of media coverage and first pick of clients while I got what was left over. 

No bueno!

I tried to imagine what it would look like if I were the go-to person in the podcasting and copywriting worlds!...

Right up in the ranks of John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield, and Cliff Ravenscraft for podcasting and Frank Kern, Joanna Wiebe, and Jay Abraham for copywriting. 

I tried to envision what it would look like if people:
   • reached out to me to interview me on their podcasts (instead of the other way around)
   • sought me out at networking events
   • asked me to speak on stage and sit at VIP tables to help others
   • wanted to hire me for my services simply because of my reputation and brand recognition as being the best.

Then it struck me! ---
If you want to be seen as amazing, you need to do something amazing. 

So, I decided to stop *wishing* things were different and took MASSIVE action.

I decided to write, publish, and hit #1 Amazon best-seller for my book. It was my first book ever. In just 30 days! ;)

I decided to make the competition irrelevant and write a best-selling book.

You can too. In 30 days, 8 weeks, 90 days...whatever timeline fits for you.
[But I'll coach you through how to do it in 8 weeks!]

Let's feature YOU as the next success story!
"Writing and publishing a book is a lot of work though" -- you may be thinking. And not everyone enjoys writing.

So, is it REALLY worth it??

Well, let me share some things that have happened to me, to inspire you as to what is possible for you!
Here's Some of Happened to Me Since I Took Action & Became a #1 Best-Selling Author
•  Featured in Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global
•  Authored articles in both Thought Leader and Accelerant magazines
 Invited onto tons of podcast shows (too many to count!)
•  Interviewed John Lee Dumas of EOFire (twice) for my podcast
•  Attended T.V. & film premieres and walked red carpets with idols of mine
•  Helped on set in St. Petersburg, Florida with Greg Rollett, an Emmy-Award winning Producer, during filming of the Emmy-Award nominated show Ambitious Adventures with Caleb Maddix, Matt Maddix, and Kevin Harrington (of Shark Tank)
•  Helped on set in Hollywood filming an interview with Brandon T. Adams (co-star in the film Think & Grow Rich: The Legacy) and Brian D. Evans (Founder of Influencive)
•  Taught seminars on podcasting and copywriting
 Led Pat Flynn's mastermind group in San Diego during his absence (twice)
•  Spoke on stage on the Podcast Cruise (by founders of Podcast Movement!)
•  Taught a 30-minute lesson for Podcast Movement's virtual all access pass
•  Invited to be an expert speaker to the Podcast Success Summit
•  Invited to become a partner at Accelerant Media Group lead by mega-influencer Brandon T. Adams of Live to Grind, Ambitious Adventures, and THINK: The Legacy of Think & Grow Rich
 Did a mastermind call with Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank and other top entrepreneurs
For me, having a teaching background, I'm not someone who naturally wants to be the super star celebrity. Instead, I love connecting with people, helping, and learning. 

That's what fuels me!

I realized through frustration at not being seen as a leader in my field, that a best-selling book would help me get booked on more podcasts, invited to speak on more stages, and be featured in more articles.

And it has! 

And so much more!

Now, I want to teach you how too.
The snowball effect of this makes me feel proud, extremely confident, and more in control of my own business now being seen as a leader and not a follower!

People NOW reach out to me instead of my reaching out to them! 

It all started with the book.

...which led to making more sales, booking more high-profile clients, and leveling up the 'ole network.

Are YOU ready to take MASSIVE ACTION?
The reason I shared this above is not to brag or preach. Rather, I wanted to show you that if you are feeling any of these...

• frustrated at not enough (traffic, leads, sales, clients, media attention, credibility)
• jealous of others getting all the 'love' online and at networking events
• embarrassed at not being as far or as successful in your business as you want to be at this point
• annoyed at the wheel spinning and 'work hard for little or no results' feeling
• discouraged at how long you've been hustling without enough to show for it
• fearful that you won't make enough to hire the help you need, buy the product or service that will make a difference, or get you in front of the right audiences for growth

...then you are just where I used to be. 

And getting a book out there with the "best-selling" bragging rights helped turn things around.

I'm not claiming that you will make a crap-ton of money from the book sales, because you don't actually need to sell that many books to get this coveted title (at least right now), if you know the recipe for Amazon Best-Selling success (which I'll gladly teach you!).

But what can come as a result of the title is more than worth it!
She's still in college and hit #1 Best-Seller on Amazon in two categories plus #1 Hot New Release that lead to:
• being featured on the COVER of the Iowa State Daily newspaper
• landing a big, paid internship in the summer
• going on live T.V.!

• booking her first paid speaking gig!

And this is JUST the beginning for her!
Connor hit #1 in all three of his categories (and one in Canada too!) and is getting barraged with podcast interview invites to talk about the book, his private consulting, and his company FreeeUp
The ROI is clearly there. 

Even without tons of book sales, leveraging a best-selling book to grow your brand and current business is a smart strategy.
Okay, sweet...WHAt's the recipe then?
Glad you asked! Let's get you it too! 

If you've got a book idea, an outline, a rough draft, or a finished book and want to take it to the Best-Seller list, then keep reading...
Note: 1-on-1 coaching starts at $5,597 for a 90-Day Program. 
Email: to check availability and to apply.
If you are ready to jump in NOW and get your book launched and earning you business rewards, TERRIFIC. 

If you want the exact recipe to do-it-yourself, the timing couldn't be better.

Here's how...

For you, I broke down everything step-by-step in an easy-to-follow sequence of video tutorials and powerful resources inside the...
for Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Coaches, Creators, Thought Leaders, Podcasters, Speakers, & more!

Well, I recorded ALL the steps to take to hit Amazon Best-Seller in a short time frame (I map out a calendar and timeline for you to do it in 8 weeks, but you can do it faster or slower, depending on your schedule). 

Even with no email list and no marketing budget.

When I did mine, I didn't email a single person and didn't spend any money on paid advertising. 

Yep $0.

So if you want to send emails or run some ads, your goal is even easier to attain, once you know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. You've got it in the bag if you follow my important steps. 

Spoiler alert...hitting #1 Amazon Best-Seller boils down to a few simple steps (aside from having a book worth reading, of course). You will get it. I actually guarantee it!

Inside the course, I show you nitty-gritty details of my proprietary and proven T.R.A.C.K. Formula for hitting best-seller!

[I'm so confident I stand by a "TEACHER'S HONOR 100% Money Back Guarantee"!
If you don't like the course for any reason (within 30 days) and/or you follow everything I teach you and don't become a best-seller (within 1 whole year!), I'll refund you immediately].

Inside the masterclass, I'll show you how to implement the T.R.A.C.K. Formula so you know exactly what to do, and in what order to do it!

What else?...
• Not sure what to write for your book's description? I cover that.
• Not sure which accounts to set up and when? I cover that.
• Not sure how to get cover art done? I cover that.
This course is different than other stuff out there online in three main ways...

(I don't just play one on the internet).

I have a Master's in Education (that's what the M.A.E.D. stands for!) and extensive experience teaching (over 10 years) and tutoring (about 20 years!) Psychology, Math, Writing, SAT Prep, and more. 

So, I know how to explain things in great detail so you never miss a step and are never left confused or lost.... But without the time-wasting fluff. 

I don't pontificate to hear myself talk. I focus on what will move you from where you are now to your goals, as quickly and painlessly as possible.

And I LOVE answering questions to fill in gaps and make things even better, so I'll always be adding updates and replying to questions in our private Facebook group.

It's my thang.

Here is a snippet of a few reviews I got from teaching Psychology 101 with Rio Salado Community College.
In addition to clean, clear lessons that break down each step, I also include actual coaching sessions from some of my private coaching clients... 

Nicole, Stephen, Sabah, and Connor? Yep! Yep! Yep!

Why try to reinvent the wheel when you can just learn from what they did and apply it to yourself?

Watch this quick video for a fun inside look at some of those private sessions you'll be learning from...
You get to come behind the scenes and listen like a fly on the wall to the actual questions they asked when they were in your position and the actual answer we gave them.

And any new 1-on-1 client who agrees to have their sessions shared will be added inside to keep adding value to you. 

At no extra charge to you! Life-time, full access!
I've created a private Facebook group. It's a community where you can...

• Ask unlimited questions
• Get valuable feedback
• Bounce ideas
• Swap resources with others on their journey to best-seller status. And me! 

Plus, when you LAUNCH your book, you have a group of like-minded biz buddies ready to support you, buy your book, leave you a review, and help spread your message.
The best part really is that we will ALL be there to support you when you go live.

Imagine what it can do to have fellow book-writing comrades ready to share your book when it's live, buy a copy during your marketing blitz, and leave you a review if they like it (but why wouldn't they!?) to help your rankings... 

Give value, get value.

Just don't go it alone.
Biz Book Secrets Masterclass
...if you're sick of dreaming and are ready for doing.
...if you're fed up waiting for someone to 'tap you on the shoulder.' 
...if you want to take your brand and business growth into your own hands.
...if you're done with limiting beliefs.
...if you want to do something to boost your inner confidence and outer notoriety.

After working with numerous other business owners and brand builders, I created a very special offer to help you write, self-publish, and hit best-seller with your book, then leverage it for personal and business growth.

It is specifically for entrepreneurs who are ready to do something big and meaningful and tired of waiting and debating.

So, are you ready?
Biz Book Secrets Masterclass includes...
• Hacks to Self-Publish a Best-Seller
• 10 Modules of Clear Video Tutorials
• The 7 A’s of Self-Publishing Stardom
• E-Book Versus Print-book Explained
• Copy Tips for What to Write on Your Amazon Listing
• The T.R.A.C.K. Formula for Hitting Best-Seller

Plus BONUSES, which I'll tell you about in a minute...but first...
Let me show you someone who's had a chance to go through this masterclass...

Book Topic: Music
Book Title: The Gain Changer: A Foundation To A Better Mix
Launch Date: July 17th, 2017
Bragging Rights:
• #1 Best-Seller in the U.S. (3 categories)
• #1 Best-Seller Germany (1 category)
• #1 Hot New Release in both countries too!

Tom decided to stop 'waiting' and take action to help his audience and himself. Because he followed each of the video tutorials and full strategy timeline...
- he knew exactly what to expect when preparing and uploading his book files...
- he had all the self-publishing platforms set-up and ready to go on time...
- he applied the T.R.A.C.K. Formula and hit #1 Best-Seller in both the U.S. and Germany on the day of his launch...

As a result, he grew his email list, audience of raving fans, podcast interview invites, and even had a MAJOR influencer in his industry reach out to him to partner up on a new project (he was blown away by this!).

Watch a 1 minute highlight from when I interviewed Tom just a week after his exhilarating success:
Are YOU the next success story??? :)
Does this masterclass only work for people like Tom in the music industry? 

No way! 

I designed this course specifically for people who want to increase their brand perception and grow their business, especially online (but this works if you have a brick and mortar business too). 

Some examples of who the Biz Book Secrets Masterclass is ideal for:
• College students 
• CEOs, COOs, and CMOs 
• virtual assistants wanting more
• bloggers or vloggers
• coaches and consultants
• podcasters and public speakers
• social media marketers
• small business owners
• entrepreneurs with experience, but not as much brand recognition as they want (or deserve)
• anyone who has specialized knowledge and wants to be known in their niche

You already ARE an expert. Now, it's time to step into that roll. 

Prove it with a best-selling book!

Now, you might be thinking that you can't get started with this because you don't have time.

Here's why that's a mistake that will hold you back from success...

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, right?

Truly successful business people know how to make time for the important things. Things that will 'move the needle.'

And, if you are in business for the long-game, you're not actually interested in anything that's a quickie scheme because your ideal clients can sniff out gimmicks. Anything that some new "guru" can whip out in a couple hours ain't our game. 

Wise entrepreneurs actually WANT to take on something that proves they can deeply knowledgeable and able to commit and follow through with something meaningful.

But...I'm not a fan of wasting time, even for something important.

In fact, since I'm a trained teacher (with a Master's degree and Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification) who is ALSO a Four Hour Work Week fan type of entrepreneur...

I specifically designed this Masterclass to give you the MOST relevant information in the QUICKEST way possible so you can implement EFFICIENTLY and EFFECTIVELY to get all of the BENEFITS you want without the headaches, wheel-spinning, or stress. 

It will actually save you time. 

- And what would a few more sales of ideal clients do for your business?
- What will being a best-selling published author do for your brand? 

Procrastinating will cost you more time and money.
• Biz Book Masterclass: Self-Publish a Best-Seller                  $6,997 value
• ???????                                                                                          ???
• ???????                                                                                          ???
• ???????                                                                                          ???
• ???????                                                                                          ???   
• ???????                                                                                          ???   
• ???????                                                                                          ???   
• ???????                                                                                          ???     
                                                                                      TOTAL:  $6,997 value
But I'm not stopping there. I want to help you more!

As a part of this package, you're going to get an extra tool kit...

Biz Book Secrets Implementation Tool Kit
• Self-Publishing Checklist
• Inception Copy Secrets to “Sell” Your Services and Grow Your Email List in Your Book
• Amazon Category Research Spreadsheet (Focus on Business Categories) + LIVE Recorded Videos

These tools will help you:

- save SO MUCH time from having to research and wade through junk online
- make your book more effective with readers for your end goal 
- give you a major jump start to picking the perfect categories for your book
- eliminate overwhelm with a clear calendar of what to do each week (which you can speed up or take longer with, as needed)

When I was first figuring all this stuff out, I ran into big roadblocks. 

• I didn't know how to self-publish. 
So I created the self-publishing checklist to make it easy and fast to set it all up.

• I didn't know how all the steps would and should fit together from writing, to pre-marketing, to publishing, to launching, and beyond. 
So I made a custom 8-week calendar you can steal and edit for yourself (and customize to be quicker or slower, depending on your schedule and goals).

• I didn't know how to make my book not only a valuable teaching manual for readers but also a sneaky marketing tool to hook my ideal clients like fish for my biz! 
So I documented an effective list for you.

• I didn't know where to start researching Amazon's thousands of categories. 
So I started a research spreadsheet focusing on business categories AND recorded a video of me doing the research live, that you will learn from (like you're looking over my shoulder as I do it).

I had to spend HUNDREDS (heck, likely thousands) of hours over weeks and MONTHS to figure all this stuff out and create efficient ways to overcome the obstacles all authors face as they self-publish and go for #1 best-seller.

But I don't want you to have to recreate the wheel. 

I've already got proven plans, checklists, category research kick starters, calendars, and systems. I've got all the right tools.

And I'm just going to give them to you with this package. 

Sound cool?

When you use this tool kit, not only do you save the time and money I spent to develop it, but you also save what could be months or years of wasted time and money because you'll be doing it right the first time.

There's no trial and error period.

So, you're going to get...
• Biz Book Masterclass: Self-Publish a Best-Seller                  $6,997 value
• Biz Book Secrets Implementation Tool Kit                            $1,997 value
• ???????                                                                                          ???
• ???????                                                                                          ???
• ???????                                                                                          ???   
• ???????                                                                                          ???   
• ???????                                                                                          ???   
• ???????                                                                                          ???     
                                                                                      TOTAL:  $8,994 value
BUT WAIT...THere's MOre!
But why stop there, I thought?! I still want to help you more!

As a part of this package, you're going to get a unique opportunity to learn from past successful students WHILE they were where you are...

BONUS 1: Case Study Video Vault                   
• Casey Fox (for Stephen Dela Cruz)
• Sabah Ali
• Connor Gillivan
• Nicole Zeien
• Tom Camp's debrief, plus advice
• Future case study recordings (indefinitely!)

As a student, my FAVORITE learning tool is to see what others did and learn from that. 

For me, it makes it all more real and understandable. 

I'm a visual learner and like to see real-life case studies. 

Do you too?

When I wrote my first book and shot for the moon of best-seller status, I didn't have anyone's shoulder to look over or any case studies to analyze. I was alone in the dark! 

Haha...luckily, I pulled through to the light. But I want your journey to be easier and less creatures-in-the-night scary.

So, when you invest today, you're also going to get access to the video recordings that I did with Casey Fox (ghostwriter for Stepehen Dela Cruz), Sabah Ali, Connor Gillivan, and Nicole Zeien. 

I'm also including Tom Camp's debrief video interview we did the week after his international best-selling launch where he shares the strategies he applied and best advice for new authors.

This vault of case studies will keep growing. 

Anytime someone upgrades to private one-on-one coaching or I do a surprise hot seat in the Facebook group, we'll add the recordings into this vault for your reference.

You get unlimited access to all current and future videos.

This resource is going to make it faster and easier for you to hit best-seller. 


Because you'll be able to see how others just like you did it too and hear the answers I gave them to the same questions you may have.

It'll also give you the confidence to see that if THEY can do it, YOU can do it!
• Biz Book Masterclass: Self-Publish a Best-Seller                  $6,997 value
• Biz Book Secrets Implementation Tool Kit                            $1,997 value
• BONUS 1: Case Study Video Vault                                         $1,997 value
• ???????                                                                                          ???
• ???????                                                                                          ???   
• ???????                                                                                          ???   
• ???????                                                                                          ???   
• ???????                                                                                          ???     
                                                                                     TOTAL:  $10,991 value
Can't STop, Won't STOP!
But since I hate sales, I want to add more value and make this a no-brainer.

As a part of this package, I want to eliminate "writer's block" or "I'm not sure where to start writing" from your head.

BONUS 2: Writing Workshop Helper Pack                               
• P.S.T. Method: From 'No Idea' to Outline
• Book Format Template (in Word document)
• Recommended Fonts, Dimensions, and Margins Checklist
• Transcribing, Proofreading, Editing, Formatting Help Resource List

If writing isn't your strong suit, there are ways to pull the ideas out of your head, help you organize them clearly for the reader in an awesome outline, and prepare yourself for effortless writing. 

...So I'll give you my P.S.T. Method for how to go from No Idea to Outline

There are templates to eliminate the stress around formatting for self-publishing (both the Kindle and the print versions).

...So I'll give you a downloadable template.

There are decisions I've already made (based on waaaaay too much time and deliberation over the billions of combination options) for fonts, book dimensions, margins, and more. 

...So I'll give you a checklist of my favorite recommendations.

And if you're smart like Stephen Dela Cruz, who leveraged a great ghostwriter in Casey Fox, then you'll want my list of resources for where to hire reasonably priced help for transcribing, proofreading, editing, and formatting.

...So I'll give you that list too.

My #1 goal is to clear the path for you to focus on what you uniquely bring to the table to grow your brand and business with a best-selling book.

I've already put in the hours, weeks, and months of research, trial & error, stress, and decision fatigue.

I don't benefit by forcing you to go through the same struggle.

So my reasoning with this BONUS is that if I can reduce your anxiety around shooting for a "best-writing" author so that you can focus on becoming a "best-selling" author, you will be happier before, during, and after the journey!

We want quality. No question.

But our goal is not to put out our life's most perfect work of art. Our goal is to give value in book form and apply the Biz Book Secrets Masterclass hacks to hitting best-seller, so that we can use the book as an effective multi-purpose tool for unlimited upward growth.

Taking away the stress of writing from the process with BONUS #2...
• Biz Book Masterclass: Self-Publish a Best-Seller                  $6,997 value
• Biz Book Secrets Implementation Tool Kit                            $1,997 value
• BONUS 1: Case Study Video Vault                                         $1,997 value
• BONUS 2: Writing Workshop Helper Pack                             $1,297 value
• ???????                                                                                          ???   
• ???????                                                                                          ???   
• ???????                                                                                          ???   
• ???????                                                                                          ???     
                                                                                     TOTAL:  $12,288 value
BUT Wait, there's more!
Oh, I'm on a BONUS frenzy! :) Let's keep going, so I can help you even more...

As a part of this package, I want to make sure you have a clear vision of what the book can do for your brand and business and targeted tactics to leverage the begeebers about of your published author status.

BONUS 3: 10-Week Marketing Masterplan
• 10-Week Marketing Checklist
• 21 Ways to Promote Your Book for $0
• Copy My Copy Email Template: Pitch Yourself onto Podcasts

We've covered a lot of benefits a book will bring.

But as you are going through the process, it is best to have a clear plan and tangible ways to make sure you leverage the book -- before, during, and after launch -- as much as possible.

The book is a means to an end as well as an end, in and over itself.

This BONUS will eliminate the guess work around how to promote and sell your book to get best-seller status and the practical ways to use it for even more benefits beyond book sales and bragging rights.

I wish I had a detailed calendar and effective tactics from Day 1! 
I'll even give you an email template you can copy word for word to pitch yourself to get on more podcasts (I'm a podcast nerd, so I know what hosts want and I eliminated the pain of having to write that from scratch for you.)

So, you are luckily than I am with this extra valuable set of resources!

Here's all that you are getting...
• Biz Book Masterclass: Self-Publish a Best-Seller                  $6,997 value
• Biz Book Secrets Implementation Tool Kit                            $1,997 value
• BONUS 1: Case Study Video Vault                                         $1,997 value
• BONUS 2: Writing Workshop Helper Pack                             $1,297 value
• BONUS 3: 10-Week Marketing Masterplan                              $997 value  
• ???????                                                                                          ???   
• ???????                                                                                          ???   
• ???????                                                                                          ???     
                                                         TOTAL:  $13,285 value
BONUS #4 & #5
This all looks amazing so far, right?

But you might be thinking, "I need some accountability and help as I do this. It's so hard to be all alone."

I totally agree.

When I wrote my book, I reached out to as many people as I could to get advice, encouragement, and new ideas. 

But I didn't find many people who were entrepreneurs like me trying to accomplish the same types of goals. 

That's why I created for you...

BONUS 4: Facebook Accountability Group
Now, this group is the same one that is open and free for anyone with goals like ours to join (for a limited time). So, you are welcome to join in even if you do not want this special offer today.

But, if you are a member of the Biz Book Secrets Masterclass, I personally will give top priority to answering your questions. 

Speaking of special treatment for Masterclass Members, let me throw in another BONUS while we're at it...

BONUS 5: I'll Buy, Review, & Social Share Your Book When Live
Here's your guaranteed first sale and first review for you! And then some!

As a Masterclass Member, I'll not only buy a copy of your book, I'll also write you an honest review, and share the heck out of your book on launch day to help you hit your best-seller goals.

Full disclosure: It must be a good book though! :)

I am sure it will be! But I want to protect my reputation and brand for you Masterclass Members by only promising this bonus if it's a legit, quality book and slotted under relevant categories (like I teach you). :) 

So excited for your launch!

Okay, with these two additional BONUSES, here's all you'RE getting...
• Biz Book Masterclass: Self-Publish a Best-Seller                  $6,997 value
• Biz Book Secrets Implementation Tool Kit                            $1,997 value
• BONUS 1: Case Study Video Vault                                         $1,997 value
• BONUS 2: Writing Workshop Helper Pack                             $1,297 value
• BONUS 3: 10-Week Marketing Masterplan                              $997 value  
• BONUS 4: Facebook Accountability Group                                Priceless
• BONUS 5: Buy, Review, & Social Share Book When Live           Priceless   
• ???????                                                                                          ???     
                                                     TOTAL:  $13,285++ value
I'm ready! [click below]
But that's not all!!! :)

As my own exposure has grown, I want to pay it forward to my Masterclass Members. 

So, here's another enticing bonus for more free media for your biz!

BONUS 6: Wall of Fame with Linkback from

My audience is full of entrepreneurs. So, to help you grow your brand, make some book sales, and even snag some leads for your business...

I've created a Wall of Fame that has its own menu tab! 

All traffic that runs through Copy That Pops looking for my podcast, blog articles, or information about becoming a best-selling author will stumble upon...YOU!

I WANT to feature you and give you a link back both to your book on Amazon and to your website for more SEO juice and traffic directly to you.

Here's a preview photo below:
I'm trying to eliminate all your reasons for NOT taking action. And trying to give you lots of carrots to move forward in a big way!

Are you out of excuses yet? :) 

Sweet...let's review ALLLL that you'll get when you join our Masterclass of motivated thought leaders leveraging a book to grow their brand and business....
• Biz Book Masterclass: Self-Publish a Best-Seller                  $6,997 value
• Biz Book Secrets Implementation Tool Kit                            $1,997 value
• BONUS 1: Case Study Video Vault                                         $1,997 value
• BONUS 2: Writing Workshop Helper Pack                             $1,297 value
• BONUS 3: 10-Week Marketing Masterplan                              $997 value  
• BONUS 4: Facebook Accountability Group                                Priceless
• BONUS 5: Buy, Review, & Social Share Book When Live          Priceless   
• BONUS 6: Wall of Fame with Linkback                                     Priceless    
                                                     TOTAL:  $13,285++ value
Yes, let's do this!
BUT WAIT, Does It COST $13,285???
No, no. I am definitely not going to charge you $13,285 (or more!). :)

But if I DID charge you $13,285...

...And all it did was help you leverage your book and any level of best-selling status for tons of free media and closing 5 more ideal clients without haggling
...would it be worth it?

...And all it did was melt away the stress around writing, get your ideas out of your head and into book form, give you a clear path to a polished and self-published live book on Amazon in under 8 weeks
...would it be worth it?

...And all it did was make your marketing plan clear and exciting so you could sell enough on launch day to get best-seller status without paid ads, a big email list, or overwhelm
...would it be worth it?
So, I had two choices with this Masterclass + Bonuses. 

OPTION 1: I could go as cheap as possible and try to sell as many as possible. 
OPTION 2: I could charge a fair price that weeded out lookey-loos and dreamers

At first I wanted to go with Option 1. But there are a few problems with that. 

--> For one, I didn't want to attract get-rich-quick schemes and scammers who would just spam our Facebook community (or my email inbox!) with junky books. 

--> I also knew I couldn't really stack on the value for you and be able to keep adding new resources into the Masterclass vault if I were busy trying to sell non-stop. 

--> And have you heard the true saying of, "Those who pay, pay attention?" I've found that people I give away advice to for free or cheap rarely implement. 

But psychologically, those who make an investment are...COMMITTED. 
They are ready to get their money's worth and actually put what they learn into practice. They get results.

I realized I'd rather help fewer (but well-qualified people) than masses of half-hearted impulse buyers. I WANT to show off results from my students. So, I'd rather work with students who are serious about growth.
So, I decided to go with the second option.

That does require a slightly higher investment on your side...but in exchange for that, I can dedicate more time, energy, and resources to help guarantee your success.

So, if in under 8 weeks (or any timeframe that fits your schedule) you had a published book on Amazon with screenshots for proof of hitting best-seller and a clear path for how to leverage that for more money, authority, and exposure...

...what would it be worth to you?

How much would you pay to have a successful best-selling book and leveraging plan?

You can probably see why people invest over $5,597 for a private 1-on-1 coaching to get these results.

And you've already seen how it's...
            WORTH OVER $13,285++ 
But, you can get the Masterclass and ALL the bonuses for a limited time*...
               FOR ONLY $997
*Limited time: Price will double to match the competition after my next 2 success stories.
This video will give you an insider's look!
If you're still reading, then you're committed to earning more credibility, authority, media attention, traffic, leads, and sales from a best-selling book in your niche.

You has stylz. ;) 

But now... you need ABS (...Amazon Best-seller Status, baby!).

What would it be worth if your best-seller status...
• Booked you 1 extra client a month? Or 5 extra clients?
• Generated more traffic and passive sales of your products?
• Got you invited to speak on the stage of top events in your industry?
• Put you at the "peer" level with other industry top-dogs and lifted you out of the masses of 'attendees' or 'fans'?

I'd say that was worth thousands of dollars. Maybe more, depending on the pricing of what you sell.

• Biz Book Masterclass: Self-Publish a Best-Seller             $6,997 value
• Biz Book Secrets Implementation Tool Kit                      $1,997 value
BONUS 1: Case Study Video Vault                                   $1,997 value
BONUS 2: Writing Workshop Helper Pack                        $1,297 value
BONUS 3: 10-Week Marketing Masterplan                        $997 value  
BONUS 4: Facebook Accountability Group                          Priceless
BONUS 5: Buy, Review, & Social Share Book When Live*    Priceless   
BONUS 6: Wall of Fame with Linkback*                               Priceless    
               WORTH OVER $13,285++ 
But, you can get the Masterclass and ALL the bonuses for a limited time* for...
                   ONLY $997
It's a great deal...right, Mitch Durfee? 
[Play this 1 minute video to see what it will feel like when you are best-seller!]
What are you waiting for? :) 
Click on the button below now...

Let's make YOU an Amazon #1 Best-Seller and grow your confidence, brand, and business to new heights.
Biz Book Secrets Masterclass + BONUSES
for Entrepreneurs
Now for Only $997

I stand by my "TEACHER'S HONOR GUARANTEE" which includes:
• 30-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee
• 1-Year Best-Seller Guarantee
(if you follow what I teach you, show you've done the work but don't hit best-seller, money back!)
P.S. - If you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for only $997, you get full access to my Biz Book Secrets Masterclass + BONUSES instantly. It's designed just for entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, creatives, podcasters, and speakers. Those who want to become experts in their industry.

This includes crystal clear video tutorials, time-saving checklists, calendars, a private Facebook community & access to recorded case study coaching calls with success stories from people like you. Plus some new bonuses!
Here are answers to some common questions...
1. Is there a guarantee?

Yes! I'm so confident in what I'll teach you (that's worked for me and countless students and clients), that I created a "TEACHER'S HONOR GUARANTEE"...
This includes:

1. 30-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee: 
If you aren't happy for any reason, you get your money back. No risk. Buy with confidence.

2. 1-Year Best-Seller Guarantee: 
If you follow what I teach you and show you've done the work and don't hit best-seller, you get your money back. I am so confident that if you do what I teach you, you will do better than you even think possible right now.

I'm in this for the long-haul and value successful students over cash.
2. How long does the course take?

The Masterclass is customizable to your schedule. I've had college students, digital nomads living abroad, working parents, CEO's, and everyone in between have success.

Inside you'll find a detailed calendar to go from no idea to best-seller in 8 weeks.

• But you can work twice as fast and do it in 30 days or less, like I did.
• Or you can take twice as long and complete it in 16 weeks, 90 days, 6 months, whatever works for you!

You have lifetime access, so lock in the special pricing of the masterclass now (before it goes up to match industry competitor pricing) and work on the course at your own pace. 
3. What if I already have my book finished?

First of all, congrats! That is amazing and you are my favorite type of student because you are ready to dive into the most fun parts: marketing (even with $0 in ads and no email list!), self-publishing, and gaining that '#1 best-seller' bragging right to leverage like crazy. 

That is the main point of this masterclass! 

Many students jump into Biz Book Secrets with at least part of their book written and use the course to ensure they are:
- leveraging psychology inside their book
- have all they need prepared for publishing
- write the best copy they can for Amazon descriptions
- know how to position their book and themselves for the best results
- know the 6+ places to look for screenshots to prove their best-selling status
4. Do I have to give up royalties or intellectual property rights?

No, no, no!

I am not a publisher (who DOES take a big chunk of profits and I.P. control). I'm just showing you the best way to DIY it. All the royalties you make are yours to keep. All components of your book and work are 100% yours.

My goal is to help you achieve the same or better results as I did and show you off to the world, you fellow best-selling author, you! :)
5. Do I have to write in English or publish on Amazon in the U.S.?

No! What I teach works for all countries' Amazon websites. And, in fact, for many countries it is EASIER to hit #1 than in the U.S. 

This masterclass will work for you no matter where you are from.
6. What if I'm not a great writer?

I'll help you overcome writing blocks with techniques and tactics. Plus, that's what (reasonably priced) editors, transcription services, or even ghostwriters are for!

By the way, did you notice that the title we all crave is "best-SELLING author" and not "best-WRITING author"

People pay for your ideas, not your perfect grammar. So let's get your ideas out to the world and leverage them to grow your brand and business, thus helping even more people.

Oh, and did you know that you can always upload an edited file to keep your book up-to-date and fix errors fast

Perfection is not the goal. But even if it is, you can make changes whenever you need to!
7. Why is the price lower than competitors?

My "competition" is charging a lot more for their courses and services...and they aren't even actual teachers! 

But I wanted to make you an offer that felt like a no brainer. So, the course is packed with value far over $13,285 worth, and growing.

And for a limited time, I'm making this available for instant, life-time access to you for only $997. After I get 2 more student success stories recorded, the price will double to match industry pricing.
Case Study: Akbar Sheikh, a 2 Comma Club Winner
Let's make YOU the next best-selling success story!
Biz Book Secrets Masterclass + BONUSES
for Entrepreneurs
Now for Only $997

I stand by my "TEACHER'S HONOR GUARANTEE" which includes:
• 30-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee
• 1-Year Best-Seller Guarantee
(if you follow what I teach you and show you've done the work and don't hit best-seller, you get your money back -- I'm that confident!).
Yes, it's true! For only $997, you get full access to my Biz Book Secrets Masterclass + BONUSES instantly. It's designed just for entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, creatives, podcasters, and speakers. Those who want to prove they are experts in their industry.
Copy That Pops - Biz Book Secrets Masterclass for Entrepreneurs of All Kinds