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Akbar Sheikh
Hit #1 in 6 Countries

"I give Laura two thumbs up! If you want that authority, credibility, and #1 International Best Seller, stick with Laura. That's your absolute best bet!"

The ONE Thing I Want to Convince You Is...
"A BOOK is the single BEST TOOL you will have for connection and growth in your brand & business."


1. Connection to yourself and your inner genius
• The act of writing a book proves to yourself that you actually know a lot about your niche.

• Writing gives you immense clarity.

• Becoming a published author raises your inner confidence...the effects of this alone are worth it all!

2. Connection to your current audience
• There are a lot of people following you but not yet buying your products or services. A book is a lower barrier to entry into your funnel and ecosystem.
For just $0.99 - $20, your audience can learn more about you and your expertise...and turn into clients.

• You can use current clients and fans as case studies in your book.   
Shouting them out with make them love you even more and share your work with others.

3. Connection to new traffic
• Amazon is the 8th most visited website in the world. The world.

• "Cold traffic" may not be ready to buy your pricier products and services, but they'll buy a book.

• Your book is a perfect top-of-the-funnel marketing tool.

1. Internal growth
• A lack of confidence has held me back from action. Being a published (best selling) author has helped me immensely. This has lead me to even feel confident to raise my prices and step on stage!

2. Growth in the media or public eye
• Books are like 'keys' to unlock opportunities for more speaking opps and interviews (on TV, radio, podcasts, and digital summits).

• Speaking on stage! Some stages have 'published a book' as a prerequisite to being allowed to speak on stage.

3. Growth into new opportunities you can't even think of right now
• There's something about taking massive action that opens up the universe. 

• If I had known of all the opps that came along I didn't even anticipate, I would have written my first book way earlier!

My Story
Who Is LaptopLaura?
I like to introduce myself as a tall Math and Psychology teacher turned entrepreneur. :) 

Now, I'm a best selling book launch coach and strategist for awesome entrepreneurs ready to 'level up' from where they are now.
The Senior Princesses
Back in high school -- I graduated in 1999 and live in The OC, Orange County, California -- I was a total nerd. I took A.P. and honors classes like it was going out of style. 

My idea of 'fun' was joining clubs to pad my college applications and studying for tests.

The cooooolest kids where the popular girls who had all the best clothes, bleached hair, fake tans, and boys fawning all over them. 

Each year they got together in a secret meeting and emerged with pink shirts and a title. My year? They were the Senior Princesses. 

They wore these shirts with pride and made all the rest of us feel like loser nobodies! Think of the movie "Mean Girls" with Lindsey Lohan. "On Wednesdays, we wear pink!"
"Print Your Own Shirt!"
But one day, the geeeekiest geeky girls in our school stood up to the Princesses and came to school with purple shirts that read "Senior Queens"! 

Finally the reign of terror was challenged!

I didn't have enough guts at the time to stand up to them myself, but was so proud of the Queens. 

They taught me to STOP!
...waiting for permission...
...hoping to be chosen...
...wishing for more attention but doing nothing about it...
...allowing others to define me by exclusion...
...letting fear stand in my way...

You matter. You are worthy. You have something to share. 
So...Print Your Own Shirt!

Becoming a Best Selling Published Author
As an entrepreneur, I finally channeled my inner Senior Queen in the fall of 2016 when I decided to...
...stop waiting for a publisher to notice me. 
...stop wishing I were seen as an expert in my industry but doing nothing really about it. 
...stop letting my fear of putting myself into the light hold me back.
...stop hoping dream clients would find me and pay me more.

I realized that ALL experts have books. So, if I wanted to get all the credibility and new opportunities to grow my business, I needed to be an author too!

I wrote, self-published on Amazon, and hit #1 Best Seller in Podcasts & Webcasts in the U.S. and Canada within hours of launching

...all in just 30 days
Leveraging the Book for MORE!
Now, opportunities abound! 

My confidence has increased tremendously! And no one can take it away from me that I am a published author.

A best selling author! 

I'm using this status for:
• more speaking gigs
• more podcast interviews
• more digital summit interviews
• meeting people I've looked up to forever
• getting to walk red carpets
• more traffic
• more sales
• higher prices
• getting found on Amazon (the 8th most used site in the world!)
• truly owning my 'expert' title in my niche
• ...and so much more!
Now, It's YOUR Turn
I challenge you!

• Is being a published author a dream of yours?
• Do you have a business you'd like to grow?
• Do you have a personal brand you want to bolster?
• Do you wish you had more social proof to raise your confidence?

A book is for you! And don't wait...

Now is the BEST time to take advantage of what I will teach you (my T.R.A.C.K. Method for best seller is undefeated!) 

But Amazon can change its algorithm whenever it wants, so jump on this NOW before it's too late to easily get 'best seller' status even without experience, a big email list, or an ad budget!
Case Studies of Entrepreneurs Like You!

Akbar Sheikh

• Funnel Coach
• First Time Author
• Hit #1 Best Seller in 6 countries
• Hit Hot New Release in 8 countries
"It was a boyhood dream of mine...and honestly it never would have happened without Laura...

People looked at me different, people talked to me different. 

So, if you want instant credibility, instant authority, Laura is your girl to help you get this phenomenal achievement."

Sabah Ali

• Business Student in College
• First Time Author
• Hit #1 Best Seller in 2 categories
• Got on Live T.V., multiple stages, and cover of paper!
"Laura Petersen helped me hit Amazon Best Seller in 2 30 days...She helped me throughout the entire process...

...It just cleared my mind so much more because it really destressed myself...

...I recommend working with Laura."
Biz Book Secrets Masterclass
What's the BEST way to get started and become a best selling author as little as 30 days? 

I've got your back! 
What Is the Biz Book Secrets Masterclass?
The Biz Book Secrets Masterclass is the best way to:

get your ideas out of your head, into a book
prep your book for publishing
• know how to set up everything for easy and fast self-publishing
• see how to organically market your book as you go (without being annoying or pushy or salesy) -- people won't be able to wait to buy it!
• price your book for a best seller launch
• pick the right categories for your book so that it is honest and relevant, but not crazy competitive, so far fewer sales are needed to hit your goal
• know all the ways you can leverage your book once it's done

Write, Self-Publish, and Organically Market Your Best Selling Book! (With a Teacher's Honor Guarantee :))
A peek inside!
What Will It Do for Me?
You have important things to share with the world...
...your stories
...your knowledge
...your unique approach

This Masterclass will help get a great book out of you -- as fast as 30 days even! -- and live to the world as a best seller!

I walk you through each step! 
**I used to be a teacher, remember, so I've got your back!**

ROI POSITIVE! What would it be worth for best seller status...?
...if you booked you 1 extra client a month? Or 5 extra clients?
...if you generated more traffic and passive sales of your products?
...if you got you invited to speak on the stage of top events in your industry?
...if you put you at the "peer" level with other industry top-dogs and lifted you out of the masses of 'attendees' or 'fans'?

It's worth thousands of dollars or more, depending on the pricing of what you sell!
Why Did I Create This Masterclass?
There are too many entrepreneurs I've met (like I used to be...and like you!?!?!?) who let "Senior Princesses" in your life or in your own head hold you back from wanting to...
...share what you know with the world...
...step into your greatness...
...and going after all the opportunities you deserve!

Helping you become a best selling author is the BEST way I know to help you break out and break through.

I can't wait to feature YOU on my Wall of Fame!
Who Has This Worked For?
• College students 
• CEOs, COOs, and CMOs 
• virtual assistants wanting more
• bloggers or vloggers
• coaches and consultants
• podcasters and public speakers
• social media marketers
• small business owners
• digital nomads
• entrepreneurs with experience, but not as much brand recognition as they want (or deserve)
• anyone who has specialized knowledge and wants to be known in their niche

You already ARE an expert. 

Now, it's time to step into that roll with a best selling book.
Case Studies of Entrepreneurs Like You!

Kolton Krottinger

• Disabled Veteran Turned Entrepreneur
• First Time Author
• Hit #1 Best Seller in all 3 categories
• Using book in a free + shipping offer!
"I don't have a college degree. I didn't go to school for this. I just wrote a book...and I wanted it to be a best seller...

...Laura's course and all I can really says is, "Wow!"...

It walked me through every step along the way. And I became an Amazon best seller in all 3 categories within the first few hours...

Hands down it is the best course I've ever taken in my entire life!"

Jaya MK

• Number Influencer with Spiritual Numerology
• First Time Author
• Hit #1 Best Seller in the U.S., India, and Australia
• Book is raising her influencer status in her industry.
"...once I met Laura, I knew she was going to get it to #1 best seller. And that's what she did. 

Within the first few hours it went #1 in the U.S. and the next couple of hours, it went #1 in Australia and India.

...This amazing thing was achieved just because of Laura...

...and if you're looking to get your book a lot of exposure and your name out there, Laura is the one..."
Myth #1
1. "Writing a book is sooo hard and time consuming!"
I hear you! I used to think that too! And while I won't claim it is *no work,* it isn't as bad as you fear. Stick with me here...

• Reframe It:
What if you thought of a 'book' as 10 blog articles with an intro and outro? Maybe "writing a blog" doesn't sound as scary as "writing a book," right?

• Ghostwrite It:
If you have more money than time, have that sucker ghostwritten. Someone else can interview you and then put your words into print. You get final approval and ability to suggest edits before it's live. No risk!

• Repurpose It:
Dude...(and Dudette)...if you have already created content in the form of blogs, videos, a course, and/or podcasts, you have hyper-targeted, high quality info. that should be used again! Reorganize and repackage that stuff into your book! (I'll teach you about inexpensive tools for fast transcription of audio in the Biz Book Secrets Masterclass!)
Case Studies: 
Stephen Dela Cruz is a busy entrepreneur, so he had is COO ghostwrite his book for him! Then, they worked with me to map out the perfect launch strategy, and BOOM! Best seller in a matter of hours from their public launch.
In my own book Copywriting for Podcasters, I conducted audio interviews of influencers and transcribed those talks to stick right in the book for more amazing value for my readers...without a big headache to me!
Biz Book Secrets Masterclass has your back!
The Masterclass will give you several options with step-by-steps for how to get your book out of your head (or out of content you have already) and into best seller status!

No stress if you feel like you don't like writing!
Myth #2
2. "I'm not expert enough to be an author."
• Which came first? The chicken or the egg?
• Which came first? Being an author or being seen as an expert?

I would argue that writing a book is a cornerstone to becoming an expert on your topic in your industry! 

And the fact of the matter is that if you know more than people a couple of steps behind you, you are an expert to them. You are actually MORE uniquely qualified to help them than even people further along than you because they are more 'distant' from what it was like not to know! 

Others who want to know what you know are waiting for you to share your book with them. 
Case Studies: 
Sabah Ali and Nicole Zeien-Cox are success stories of mine. And guess what? They both were still in college when they wrote and self-published their best sellers!

Just because they were in their early 20's doesn't mean they don't have value to share. It doesn't mean they don't have expertise in their experience and realms.

So, why are you holding yourself back if even college students are taking action and using their books to land speaking gigs around the country, get on live T.V., and blow up their brands!?
Biz Book Secrets Masterclass has your back!
I'll help you get past any mindset blocks! It starts with "self-Psychology" to get you primed to take forward action!

I used to be a Psychology teacher (and hold myself back like crazy...until I started channeling my inner "Senior Queen") and now it's my turn to help you!

I believe in you.
Myth #3
3. "No one will buy my book, so it's not worth the effort."
This is my favorite myth! Why? 

Because even if you never sell one single copy, your book will make you money! Whaaaaaaat?

Okay, so if you sell 0 copies (or let's say you sell 3 copies -- mom, dad, and a sibling), you are still a published author

Being a published author is legit street cred in the business world and no one is going to ask you for sales data. 

Use your book to speak on one stage and I will fall out of my chair if you don't drum up more sales for your products or services from that alone. 

A book is a leverage-power-tool!
A few of my clients have even confided in me that they booked NEW CLIENTS just from sharing that they were writing their books.

Even before it was done and live on Amazon, they were generating revenue in progress!

Talk about ROI.
Biz Book Secrets Masterclass has your back!
Now, my goal with the Masterclass is to help you get sales. Enough to hit the top best seller in your relevant categories.

So, don't stress about 'the how' just yet. I've got it all explained with lots of specific examples and even free resources to get you on your way!
Myth #4
4. "There are so many steps to figure it out, it's just too overwhelming to publish a great book."
There are a lot of steps, sure...but how do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time!

And the surest way to success is to follow the steps that someone else ahead of you took. 
Case Study: 
Akbar Sheikh, who you say above in a testimonial told me that he is really disorganized when it comes to projects outside his 'zone of genius.'

I feel that way too! 

But I feel confident and clear with books, so that's why he worked with me and he never had to stress or wonder...all the way to #1 Best Seller in 6 countries and Hot New Release in 8 countries. 
Biz Book Secrets Masterclass has your back!
Follow my plans. Follow my steps. Follow my examples. And you are guaranteed success.

This is my passion and I am hear to help you fulfill your dream.
Case Studies of Entrepreneurs Like You!

Mitch Durfee

• CEO of 3 companies and Veteran
• First Time Author
• Hit #1 Best Seller on day of launch
• Using book to launch paid speaking career
"Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! We did it!!!! Oh my god! Ha ha ha! Look at THIS! #1 Best Seller in Business! I can't even believe to tell you guys how excited I am! We did it!!!!

Thank you, thank you so much to Laura for helping me reach such a milestone in my career. This honestly is the best credibility statement I've even been able to actually say.

Taking action is the only thing holding you back from becoming a best selling author when it comes to Laura's course. 

So guys -- sign up today...honestly, this was a no-brainer." 

Tom Camp

• Musician, Online Entrepreneur
• First Time Author
• Hit #1 Best Seller in the U.S. and Germany
(while living in Thailand)
• Big influencer reached out to him to do a project together!
"...when you had come to me with [the Biz Book Secrets Masterclass], I was like, 'You know what, maybe I should write a book in my field and try to hit the best sellers mark!' 

And ya it happened. So, thank you so much for that!

Get the course and just do it. 

Just get the course and do it. That's it. You know? Don't waste time."
Biz Book Secrets Masterclass
+ Implementation Tool Kit
The Masterclass ($6,997 value)
• 10 Modules of Crystal Clear Video Tutorials
• Proven Hacks to Self-Publish a Best-Seller
• The 7 A’s of Self-Publishing Stardom with Amazon
• E-Book Versus Print-book Explained (and what to do first!)
• Copy Tips for What to Write on Your Amazon Listing
• The T.R.A.C.K. Formula for Hitting Best-Seller!!!
Implementation Tool Kit ($1,997 value)
• Self-Publishing Checklist
• Inception Copy Secrets to “Sell” Your Services and Grow Your Email List in Your Book
• Amazon Category Research Spreadsheet (Focus on Business Categories) + LIVE Recorded Videos
This all will:
• save SO MUCH time from having to research and wade through junk online
• make your book more effective with readers for your end goal 
• give you a major jump start to picking the perfect categories for your book
• eliminate overwhelm with a clear calendar of what to do each week (which you can speed up or take longer with, as needed)
Case Study Video Vault ($1,997 value)
As a part of this package, you're going to get a unique opportunity to learn from past successful students WHILE they were where you are...

BONUS 1: Case Study Video Vault                   
Casey Fox (ghostwriter for Stephen Dela Cruz, CEO of 10 Corporations)
Sabah Ali, a business college student
Connor Gillivan, CMO of FreeeUp
Nicole Zeien-Cox, a speaker and foster community advocate
Tom Camp, an online entrepreneur and musician
Future case study recordings (indefinitely!)

As a student, my FAVORITE learning tool is to see what others did and learn from that. 

For me, it makes it all more real and understandable. 

I'm a visual learner and like to see real-life case studies. 

Do you too?

When I wrote my first book and shot for the moon of best-seller status, I didn't have anyone's shoulder to look over or any case studies to analyze. I was alone in the dark! 

Haha...luckily, I pulled through to the light. But I want your journey to be easier and less creatures-in-the-night scary.

So, when you invest today, you're also going to get access to the video recordings that I did with Casey Fox (ghostwriter for Stepehen Dela Cruz), Sabah Ali, Connor Gillivan, and Nicole Zeien. 

I'm also including Tom Camp's debrief video interview we did the week after his international best-selling launch where he shares the strategies he applied and best advice for new authors.

It'll give you the confidence to see that if THEY can do it, YOU can do it!
2. How to Write Your Best Seller Workshop ($1,297 value)
As a part of this package, I want to eliminate "writer's block" or "I'm not sure where to start writing" from your head.

BONUS 2: How to Write Your Best Seller Workshop                            
• P.S.T. Method: How to Go From 'No Idea' to Awesome Outline
• The Lego Strategy: 5 Simple Steps to Repurpose Content into a Book
• Book Format Template (Downloadable Word document)
• The Tool I Will Use for My Next Book (Instead of Word)
• Recommended Fonts, Dimensions, and Margins Checklist
• Transcribing, Proofreading, Editing, Formatting Help Resource List

If writing isn't your strong suit, there are ways to pull the ideas out of your head, help you organize them clearly for the reader in an awesome outline, and prepare yourself for effortless writing. 

...So I'll give you my P.S.T. Method for how to go from No Idea to Outline

There are templates to eliminate the stress around formatting for self-publishing (both the Kindle and the print versions).

...So I'll give you a downloadable template.

There are decisions I've already made (based on waaaaay too much time and deliberation over the billions of combination options) for fonts, book dimensions, margins, and more. 

...So I'll give you a checklist of my favorite recommendations.

And if you're smart like Stephen Dela Cruz (a case study of mine!), who leveraged a great ghostwriter in Casey Fox, then you'll want my list of resources for where to hire reasonably priced help for transcribing, proofreading, editing, and formatting.

...So I'll give you that list too.

If I can reduce your anxiety around shooting for a "best-writing" author so that you can focus on becoming a "best-selling" author, you will be happier before, during, and after the journey!

We want quality. No question.

But our goal is not to put out our life's most perfect work of art. Our goal is to give value in book form and apply the Biz Book Secrets Masterclass hacks to hitting best seller, so that we can use the book as an effective multi-purpose tool for unlimited upward growth.
3. 10-Week Marketing Masterplan ($997 value)
• 10-Week Marketing Day-by-Day and Week-by-Week Checklist
• 21 Ways to Promote Your Book for $0
• Copy My Copy Email Template: Pitch Yourself onto Podcasts
• Featured Interview with PR Pro on How to Use Your Book to Get on TV

We've covered a lot of benefits a book will bring.

But as you are going through the process, it is best to have a clear plan and tangible ways to make sure you leverage the book -- before, during, and after launch -- as much as possible.
4. Facebook Accountability Group ($970/year value)
• Have questions? Other authors and I will help you! 
• Getting writer's block? Come in for a co-work session!
• Want feedback on your book's art work? Come ask us!
• Ready to launch? We'll support you!

You are NOT alone. 

And we will have challenges, live co-workings, live Q&A's, hot seats, and more!

This pic is of a few Biz Book Secrets Success Stories and me meeting up at a conference in L.A.! :)  Ask me about in-person events in San Diego!
5. I'll Buy, Review, & Social Share Your Book When Live (value = priceless)
*limited time*
Here's your guaranteed first sale and first review for you
And then some!

As a Masterclass Member, I'll not only buy a copy of your book, I'll also write you an honest review, and share your book on launch day to help you hit your best-seller goals. 

Full disclosure: It must be a good book though! :)

I am sure it will be! But I want to protect my reputation and brand for you as a Masterclass Member by only promising this bonus if it's a legit, quality book and slotted under relevant categories (like I teach you). :) 

So excited for your launch!
6. Wall of Fame with Linkback (value = priceless)
But that's not all!!! :)

As my own exposure has grown, I want to pay it forward to my Masterclass Members. 

So, here's another enticing bonus for more free media for your biz!

BONUS 6: Wall of Fame with Linkback

My audience is full of entrepreneurs. So, to help you grow your brand, make some book sales, and even snag some leads for your business...

I've created a Wall of Fame that has its own menu tab! 

All traffic that runs through Copy That Pops looking for my podcast, blog articles, or information about becoming a best-selling author will stumble upon...YOU!

I WANT to feature you and give you a link back both to your book on Amazon and to your website for more SEO juice and traffic directly to you.

Here's a preview photo below:
Biz Book Secrets Masterclass
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Buy Before Time Runs Out to Participate in Our "March Madness" 31 Day Group Challenge!
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• Surprises you won't want to miss out on! Starts 3/1/18!
$ 597
Free Bonus #7!
"You could be a best selling author this time next month!"
No Worries. The Masterclass Comes With A
30 Day + 1 Year Teacher's Honor Guarantee
Teacher's Honor Guarantee: 
(1) 30-day money back no questions asked AND (2) 1-year best seller guarantee (apply what I teach and you will hit best seller within 1 whole year!). 
I care about getting you results. I'm a teacher by training and at heart.
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You are good enough. You deserve to be recognized as an expert. "Print your own shirt!" with a Best Selling Book! xo Laura