Get Authority As the Host & Creator of Your Own Podcast
Without the Headache or Stress
What's the #1 Way to Grow Your 
Authority, Network, & Audience?
ANSWER: A Powerful Podcast That Pops
Hiya! I'm LaptopLaura! 
(or “Ms. P” like my high school students used to call me).      

I'm an International Bestselling Author (of the book Copywriting for Podcasters), the host of the Copy That Pops podcast, and a nerd for writing, podcasting, clear systems, & organization. 🤓
Who I Help
Lindsey Germono
CEO Germono Advertising
High-profile entrepreneurs and businesses come to me for help to launch powerful podcasts that grow their brands and business.

I've launched, produced, and/or consulted on popular shows including:

Live to Grind with Brandon T. Adams
Maddix Motivations Matt & Caleb Maddix
Instant Insights with Caleb Maddix
Mentor Moments with Matt Maddix
Drop & Give Me 20 by Lindsey Germono
Inspired by IMUA with Meghan Alonso
IMA Leader with Dominick Sirianni
One Minute Meditation & Addiction Support Podcast with Melissa Sue Tucker

Are you an entrepreneur, blogger, vlogger, author, artist, or growing thought leader in business?

Do you want to stand out in your industry and power-up your network? 
Benefits of Podcasting
If you answered "yes," then I want to help you become a podcast rockstar too! 

Being the host of your own show is incredible in so many ways...

✅ Establish authority in your niche [be seen as the go-to expert on your topics]

✅ Attract more attention & engage intimately with your audience

✅ Earn more revenue

✅ Strategically create content with purpose

✅ Network like a boss (or #ladyboss)       
Before & After Hosting a Podcast Comparison

No one knew that I was strong in writing and podcasting (I helped others launch podcasts for years before starting my own)

No one knew I have a Bachelor's in Psychology & Masters in Education

No one could 'easily share' me with their networks. I had no free value to give an audience.

I used to get so nervous before an interview or presentation of any kind.

I had 0 public speaking gigs & had never been invited as an expert in panels or virtual summits.

People regularly ask to hire me to help them with writing and podcasting (unsolicited!)

I'm now known as a go-to expert in Psychology, writing expertise, and teaching

Friends, family, & biz buds 'share' my podcasts all the time to organically grow my audience

My confidence has soared and helped with networking, interviews, & presenting.

I've spoken in-person internationally and virtually on writing, podcasting, and copywriting for podcasters!
Before I started podcasting, I was terrified of public speaking. 

And no one invited me on stage anyhow. :'(

But I knew that I wanted to be seen as a leader in podcasting and copywriting, dang it! :) Plus, I was tired of 'racing to the bottom' and lowering my prices to work with ANY client who came along. I was helping launch podcasts but wanted to charge more and work less.


Well, flash forward to today... 
• I'm far less afraid of public speaking and feel more confident.
• I've spoken on stage at Podcast Movement's Podcast Cruise to Mexico and for their virtual ticket holders for Podcast Movement 2017.
• I taught podcasting at a digital nomad retreat in Lemnos, Greece.
• I get paid to speak and teach about podcasting 
• I've been invited as an expert speaker on four virtual summits
• I've walked red carpets with some big names in business and entertainment
• I pick and choose my clients and charge way more
I've even been featured by, mentioned in, and/or written for:
How did all this happen? 

Well, the first step was I started my own podcast! 

Starting my show Copy That Pops was a huge catalyst for me in:

• improving my public speaking
• getting more confident in my own 'voice'
• refining my understanding and message
• growing a powerful network of connections
• and....being SEEN as an industry leader!

Not only did I gain more internal confidence, more people started looking at me as an authority because of the consistent content I was sharing and the guests I was interviewing. 

For example...

Have you heard of John Lee Dumas of EOFire

I've interviewed him TWICE now and he even contributed to my best-selling book!

[He's like the king of podcasting in entrepreneur-land]. 

This NEVER would have happened if I didn't have a platform to share on and a growing reputation in my niche. And a second interview NEVER would have happened if I didn't do a stellar job with the first episode.

Over the years of working on podcasts as an Executive Producer, Launch Strategist, and now even Host in front of the mic, I know the importance of:
• checklists (so you don't miss anything)
• templates (so you don't waste time redoing things over and over),
• systems (so that you deliver at each stage of your show, from the audio, to the shownotes, to the social share images, to the email to the guest to thank them and encourage them to share the episode)

So, now it's your turn...

To increase your confidence, clarity, and contacts...
The best way I know is with...a podcast.

And I'd love to take away the stress, wasted time, and hassle that comes from starting something new or trying to improve something to a new level of excellence. 

I've not only started my own podcast, but I'm the Executive Producer for many other shows, with experience working on thousands of podcast episodes and streamlining processes for businesses of all sizes. 
I can help you save an ungodly number of hours researching, wondering, and chasing your tail!

I want to give you everything you need to get started and refine your processes. 

How would it be if you could steal all my templates, checklists, video tutorials, and tool recommendations I coach my clients with and train my staff using? 

Kelly Armstrong
• Junior Podcast Producer
• University of Cincinnati
Teaching Assistant & PhD candidate
Two High-Touch Options
1. Full-Service Podcast Production
I work exclusively with established brands and seasoned entrepreneurs with a clear vision starting at $1,999/month -- by referral only -- because my I prefer to deliver elite service to just a handful of ideal clients.
2. Private Podcast Consulting
You can book 1-on-1 calls to get pro help and tactical advice with anything podcast creation, preparation, launch, growth, or management related, such as: 
• compelling copy
• iTunes integration & descriptions
• shownotes
• audio editing
• audio host management
• podcast artwork
• how to get booked on more podcasts
• how to grow your podcast
• systems and template-development for improved workflow
• how to train internal production assistants
• etc.
Email my assistant for current rates and openings at
The Best Option for Entrepreneurs or Businesses Who Want to DIY It Without The Hassle
If you are looking to START, GROW, or IMPROVE your podcast...
...and prefer to do-it-yourself or train staff internally
...and save time, money, and stress on trial-and-error (forget endless wading through 'free but incomplete' help out there!)...
...and want to learn from someone who's hosted, launched, produced, consulted for, grown, and improved a plethora of podcasts (a podcast nerd since 2014!)

Then there's a TERRIFIC third option just for you!...
The Podcast Production Power Pack
For a "Podcast That Pops" Without the Overwhelm!
Watch to see what is included...
More Details
What's included?
1. Welcome video
• To orient you on all inside the PPPP! :)
• Glad to have you!
2. Why Podcasting Works
• The 7 P's of Podcasting
• Quick Overview of How to Make a Podcast
• Where to buy ads on other podcasts and find sponsors for your show
3. What's Your Show's Format?
• 8 Podcast Show Format Options with examples
4. Equipment Recommendations
• Bare Minimum
• Recommended (Budget Conscious)
• More Advanced (Getting Fancy)
• Microphone Configuration How-to
5. Savvy Softward
• 4 Tools You Need
• Interview in Skype Best Practices
• Accounts to set up (or consider) for distribution
• Choosing an Audio Host
6. Awesome Organization
• Episode List Content Calendar
• Detailed step-by-step video tutorials to edit your show (use yourself or give to VA)
7. Interview Tips
• 9 Important Sound Tips to Get the Best Audio Quality (for Hosts & Guests)
• Pre-Chat Interview Tips & Template
• 7 Podcast Interview Tips (for the Host)
• 12 Interview Question Ideas
8. Copywriting Tips and Best Practices for Your Podcast
• Show-Stopping Shownotes (Fillable Template)
• A copy of my Copywriting for Podcasters bestselling book
9. Transcription Time-Savers
• 4 Recommended sources to get help with transcription at a fair price
10. Social Media Shares + Promo
• Free Photo-Editing Tools
• CC0 Stockphoto Sources (Free & Paid)
• Social post scheduling tools
• Social Media Content Calendar template

BONUS: Copy My Copy Email Templates
Q: I don't have a podcast yet. But is it already too saturated?
There's no better time to start a podcast!
As of 2016, only 50% of Americans even knew what the word 'podcasting' was!

That's a huge indicator of opportunity yet for growth as it becomes mainstream!

But what's even better than having a podcast? 

Producing a podcast efficiently and effectively so you can focus on growing your converting new leads you generate from all the extra content, exposure, and authority!
Q: I already have a podcast. Can this help me?
Well...that depends.

If you are already super organized and humming along with no stress, then NO! 
You don't need this! :)

If you feel scattered, stressed, and overwhelmed or wish you could hire a VA but don't know where to start for training them, then YES! 

This Podcast Production Power Pack is made for you!
Q: Is there a guarantee?
I'm a teacher by training and at heart. 

I want you to succeed and I believe fully in my Podcast Production Power Pack.

However, I want you to feel like you can make the decision to purchase risk-free.

So, I stand by a "TEACHER'S HONOR GUARANTEE" and will honor full refunds if you do not feel like you got more value than promised! 30 Days, No Questions Asked.
Podcast Testimonials
My Ears Are Ringing!
Melissa Sue Tucker 
CEO Oak Creek Wellness Productions
Successful Host with Two Big Podcasts
Lindsey Germono
CEO Germono Advertising Company
[worked with me under my company Podtent Marketing]
Heidi Koffman
CEO Hippy Hobbie
Host of "Not Okay Today" Podcast
Caroline Van Keymeulen
CEO Agence C
[attended a podcasting seminar I gave in Greece]
Now, it's time to help YOU get your podcast running with speed, precision, and clarity so you can get as much as you can out of your podcast to grow your brand and business!
Let's sweeten the pot!
"Copy My Copy" BONUS!
Act before the timer below expires and get the "copy my copy" bonus!...
Wondering what the heck to say in your emails?

I created 5 commonly needed emails that I send out every day and added in blanks where YOU can customize them for yourself.

Like madlibs.

Stop stressing. And just copy my copy!
$35 value
Yours free.
Get Instant Access to the
Podcast Production Power Pack
Only $997 
"Teacher's Honor Guarantee"
30 Day No Questions Asked
P.S. If you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer is... for just $697, you get full access to my Podcast Production Power Pack for a podcast that pops! This includes crystal clear video tutorials, time-saving checklists, and fully documented step-by-step instructions to produce and scale a great show.
Copy That Pops @ 2017 - Podcast Production Power Pack for a Podcast that Pops!